Our Reseller And Affiliate Programs Are Made For You

ProTaxPro Reseller Program Leverages Your Tools

The ProTaxPro Reseller Program allows you to sell our tax software to your customers. Make the tool that makes you money pay for itself.

Sell the system as is, or customize it to reflect your company. ProTaxPro can even include your company’s logo! That’s right, we offer white labeling.

Create an account and contact sales to get started. Making money twice is always better and we want to give you as many tools as we can to allow your income streams to grow as large as you want them to.

How Do You Sign Up?

Call 805.256.1791 for more information or click below to create an account.

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Our Affiliate Marketing Program Empowers Your Web Traffic

We will combine our tax-filing engine with your logo for clients you refer to us. This way your web visitors can file their own taxes onLine through your website, and you will earn a percentage of our revenue for every paid return that is completed from your affiliate link to ProTaxPro.

To be a part of the affiliate program, you do not need to be a user of the professional tax software, but you must be registered with ProTaxPro. Once you complete the initial registration process, you can continue the registration to become an affiliate. To begin, go to our homepage and click “Get Started Today”. Then look for the link marked “Become an Affiliate” and submit the required information about your website.

FAQs About The Affiliate Program

What conditions must my website meet to be eligible for the affiliate program?
• Your website must legally represent your legal business, and you must be a professional tax preparer. You will be asked to provide proof of qualification.
How much does it cost to be part of the affiliate program?
• Being a part of the affiliate program is a bargain! It will cost you only the small amount of extra time it takes to register as an affiliate and to recommend your clients to us. Your clients will purchase units based on their individual tax situations.
What percentage of ProTaxPro’s revenue do I make for each paid return?
• This depends on the number of clients you refer to us, as well as on the amount of each paid return. We can better determine your prospective revenue once you have referred clients to us.
Can I opt out of the program at a later date?
• Yes. If you wish to no longer be an online affiliate with ProTaxPro, simply make inactive or delete the affiliate link from your website.