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The best way to get complete support is to send a secure message after logging into your account and click the support tab.  Do not send taxpayer or other personally identifiable information to us over eMail or social media.  All taxpayer and other personally identifiable information must be sent using our secure messaging tool. 

Our goal is to provide a fully functional system at the lowest possible price. This means minimizing money spent on shipping and customer service, traditionally the two largest costs for software companies.  At ProTaxPro we wish to provide the best customer service, and we believe that great customer service demands low prices.  The ProTaxPro system has built-in help and support features, so many of our EROs never need to contact us for support.  Our support phone number is 805.256.1791. Our support hours are 9am to 6pm, Pacific Time.  

The philosophy of ProTaxPro is to provide an value-priced yet powerful and comprehensive tax preparation solution for the tax professional. We have created a secure messaging system for email correspondence between our staff and customers (available after logging in), and we have designed our products to have built-in help. Our year round email support is designed to provide rapid answers to unexpected or unique situations, as well as updates for a specific return.

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