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ProTaxPro operates according to the privacy policy of its parent company, does not sell or disclose any information provided to us in relation to the preparation of a tax filing to anyone other than the taxpayer for any reason without the explicit consent and direction of the taxpayer. As a leader in the industry we develop and implement proactive policies which intend to protect and safeguard taxpayer data.
Taxpayer data is physically and electronically protected. Physical protection includes but is not limited to high security access control to any and all material documentation. Electronic protection utilizes available technology to exclude unauthorized users from accessing the data stored in our system. Personnel in contact with personal taxpayer information and data have been trained in conjunction with our written privacy policy and are committed to safeguarding all taxpayer information provided to us. The personnel access to data is also electronically limited, based on the authority and task level required for the performance of duties.

Your Personal Information

We ask you to set up an account within our system so that we can transact business with you. Account construction will consist of a password that you create and provide, a taxpayer identification number, and a name associated with this account. This registration “string”, as well as other entries you will make in transaction with us, will contain Tier 1 sensitive information, defined as follows by BBBOnLine:
Type I sensitive information includes financial transaction data, such as credit card numbers, debit card numbers, check numbers, or bank account numbers. Type I sensitive data also includes social security numbers, health care information, and other similar types of sensitive information.
You must provide certain Tier 1 information in order for us to construct your return. If you do not provide this information, the system will not accept you as a user. Other Tier 1 information is optional. For instance, you may use an alternate method of payment rather than providing credit card information. In any event, if any mandatory information is absent no account will be set up, and this will bring about a de facto opt out position. Providing the required information is necessary to the creation of an account.
All information you provide may be reviewed by submitting the proper authentication and credentials initially required to set up your account. Edits and corrections can be made to your information, provided that the government has not already accepted a return based on data as it stands in your account, or that the return is not pending acceptance by the government. If the return has been submitted to and accepted by the Government, the submitted data is frozen as filed and any desired changes can be accomplished only through processes prescribed by the government. We will retain the return data for all files that contained eFiled returns. The data residing in incomplete returns will be removed after a certain period of time. Usually you will be informed first of our intent to remove your data, and you will have the option to stop the removal process.
While working on a tax filing, we will ask you to provide to us certain other information. The information we obtain from you will be used to construct your return, to collect our fees, to develop statistical profiles, and to mitigate abusive use of the system. We will disclose the information we obtained from you to the government(s) as required. As part of the collection of payment for our services, the payment information that you provide to us will be provided to Verisign, to your financial institution and to our financial institution and other applicable collection centers, as may be required. It is our understanding that Verisign will use other clearinghouse(s). In the event that you choose to apply for an online financial product, the required information will be reported to the financial institutions that are providing you the financial product. These institutions may further disclose the received data to others in the course of providing you their financial products.
In the case of dishonored checks and unauthorized and/or disputed use of credit cards, the information will be shared with all pertinent parties, including but not limited to law enforcement agencies, courts and government agencies, including those which received the tax filings.

Credit Card Security Compliance

ScanAlert,Inc. issued report of compliance to on 12 August 2006 as required by the payment (credit) card industry, in presumed compliance with the CHILDREN'S ONLINE PRIVACY PROTECTION ACT OF 1998, the HEALTH INSURANCE PORTABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ACT OF 1996 (HIPAA), the GRAMM-LEACH-BAILEY ACT (GLBA) protecting financial information, and the SARBANES-OXLEY ACT (SOX).
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, or PCI compliance - Signifies device, as of the date of this report, is compliant with the remote vulnerability audit requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), Visa USA's Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP), Visa International's Account Information Security (AIS) program, MasterCard International's Site Data Protection (SDP) program, the American Express Data Security Standards (DSS), and Discover Card's DISC program.
We will not disclose or transmit this data to any third party without your specific disclosure or consent beyond what we outlined above. While communicating with you, be this either receiving personal data from you or transmitting personal data to you, or while we are communicating with government service centers OnLine, we will employ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to encrypt sent and received messages so that it will be virtually impossible for a third party to intercept any communications. You should be aware that the certificate issued by Verisign will be used to authenticate us to you during our communications with you. Using encryption, we will transmit your credit card/banking information, as provided by you, to our bank and its agents for the purposes of authorizing and clearing the transaction of payment for our services.
When you begin your return you will need to provide us with a valid eMail address by which we can communicate with you regarding your tax filing. At the time you provide your eMail address you will have the opportunity to opt in or out of receiving discounts and other notifications via eMail from us in the future. If at any time you decide you wish to "opt out" from receiving our promotional messages, simply reply to our message from the eMail address it was sent to with the word "REMOVE" in the subject line, and your address will be removed from our promotional messages contact list.

Other Gathered Information

In many cases, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other agencies to which you may direct us to file your data, require that we collect your Internet Protocol (IP) address. If this is the case, and you instruct us to file your data to one of these agencies, we will collect your IP address as transmitted by your browser. We will also provide all other acquired information, as required by law and/or regulation, to the IRS, the appropriate states and the judicial system.
To aid in customer service, the system will record general transaction information while you are editing a tax return. In some cases the system will also record how you arrived at the website for tracking purposes.
Our web server and related software also routinely collect anonymous usage data. This information is used to ensure that we provide you the highest levels of security, reliability and availability. No such demographic data is directly associated or identified with you personally.

Cookies & Other Interaction does not employ the use of cookies. Cookies are pieces of data, which are used to identify a specific computer or web browser to another party. Due to the nature of the data we collect and use, we must ensure that we are interacting with a specific taxpayer, not a specific computer. has adopted a policy where we do not initiate activity or place data onto the computer of a visitor to our site other than displaying content on the browser. We do not normally collect information about you from any computer source other than Internet Protocol for the reasons stated above. In order to assure your identity through the data entry process, certain identifiers may be passed to you within the data entry pages and will automatically be returned by you when you submit a data entry page so we can identify your file.

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and complies with all BBBOnLine Privacy standards. Further information about this program and its dispute resolution process is available at builds relationships of trust with its users. We welcome your questions and comments regarding security, privacy or any and all aspects of our website. If you want to contact us, please do so via email to


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