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Headquartered in Oxnard, California, ProTaxPro is a member of the Taluy California Corporation (TCC) Group of Companies and shares in the over 50 Year History of providing products including FileYourTaxes.com and services to the Tax Industry.  First published in 1998, ProTaxPro was one of (if not) the first Hosted Professional Tax Software for filing Individual Tax Returns and a lead participant in Modernized eFiling. Our Management Team is very active with Local, State and National Authorities and Associations which we believe enable us to transfer a great deal of knowledge to our customers and get in front of pending legislation. Over 75% of our associates have Industry knowledge and hands-on experience as certified tax preparers.

Our Culture

At ProTaxPro, modesty and providing value to our customers are our core principles.  We are privately held and family owned with an industry leading low employee turnover rate.  We believe our customers are what make our product better each year and when we stop listening to our customers they will leave.  Collaboration is key for innovation to occur. 



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For personal and business tax filings, you can visit us at: FileYourTaxes.com